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O'Connor, Jennifer
+1 404.815.6284 Atlanta
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O'Donnell, Brian P.
+1 303.607.3219 Denver E-Mail vCard
Okabe, Noriaki
+81 (0)3 3507 5609 Tokyo E-Mail vCard
Olifer, Edward G.
+1 202.508.5852 Washington D.C. E-Mail vCard
O'Neal, Jeffrey S.
Senior E-Discovery Attorney
+1 336.607.7301 Winston-Salem E-Mail vCard
O'Reilly, Shayne E.
Senior Associate
+1 415.273.4325
+1 404.745.2545
San Francisco
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Oseasohn, Ariel I.
Special Legal Consultant
+1 202.508.5811 Washington D.C. E-Mail vCard
Oslick, Scott M.
Trademark Of Counsel
+1 202.508.5828 Washington D.C. E-Mail vCard

Who We Are

What Fully Engaged Means To Me

Gregory S. Gilchrist
Gregory S. Gilchrist

Getting our clients' desired outcome on time and within budget.

Kent T. Dallow
Kent T. Dallow

Doing what you are passionate about to the fullest extent of your abilities and taking responsibility for your actions.

Dustin T. Greene
Dustin T. Greene

Being "fully engaged" is not a static term, it is a process. It means focusing on a client's situation; assessing the problems, obstacles and opportunities; and bringing my experience and resources to bear until the client's situation is resolved. It also means staying engaged to help the client explore new solutions to that situation and avoid similar problems in the future.


What started as a single patent infringement action in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, and morphed into more