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Yakubova, Elena
Litigation Attorney
+1 415.273.4766 San Francisco E-Mail vCard
Yee, Calla E.
+1 415.273.4791 San Francisco E-Mail vCard
Yin, Lu
+86 21 3 175 6173
+1 650.752.2436
Silicon Valley
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Yu, Shuang
Senior Trademark Attorney
+1 212.775.8778 New York E-Mail vCard

Who We Are

What Fully Engaged Means To Me

Taylor Higgins Ludlam
Taylor Higgins Ludlam

Striving to provide my clients, the firm and my community with the highest level of service possible.

Brenda O. Holmes
Brenda O. Holmes

Fully engaged means listening to our clients, working with them to develop a strategy and then executing the strategy to obtain meaningful results.

Marc A. Lieberstein
Marc A. Lieberstein

Being fully engaged means not only being available when the client calls, but also knowing your client's business, understanding the client's short and long term objectives, and then providing cost effective legal and practical advice to best serve your client's interests.


Kilpatrick Townsend advertising attorneys were honored to draft and negotiate the licensing and promotional contract for the “Welcome Home Joe” more