Kilpatrick Townsend is one of the world’s leading information law firms. Our Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Governance Practice builds on the firm’s leadership in intellectual property and technology to enable our clients to make the most of the opportunities and risks posed by their own information and the internet. We are passionate about client service and innovation and creating long-lasting partnerships with our clients, just as we help our clients create and maintain durable and expanding relationships with their customers, workforce, regulators and the public. Consider:

  • Through regular management of responses to data security breaches -- including the largest governmental data breach on record -- we turn these incidents not into crises but into trust-building customer service encounters:
    • Through handling multiple breaches every week since 2005, we have developed an approach that has helped our clients avoid customer losses, brand damage and lawsuits, and even improve customer trust following breaches. 
    • This approach is proving critical as the worldwide rapid increase in the frequency and sophistication of both attacks and their detection is making data breaches and security fundamental components of customer relationship management.
  • We assist in formulating “big data” plans, strategies and approaches, including:
    • Contracts that value and protect newly-defined data assets in new ways, drawing on
  • We serve as global privacy and information security counsel to many organizations, providing:
  • We help our clients formulate and take advantage of innovations in cloud computing, mobile payments, mobile health, social business, the consumerization of IT, electronic communications and records, and other areas of sustaining and disruptive innovation.

We understand what big data tools can do and how they do it, and participate in software and hardware design to make "privacy by design" more than a slogan. Together, we help you: